ASPASA supports and mentors young professionals in the mining sector


The surface mining industry association, ASPASA, will launch a brand new mentorship program aimed at nurturing and developing young professionals in the industry.

Growing demands for the implementation of a mentorship program were received following presentations to industry by the association’s Engineers and Young Professionals Committee and led to an agreement to launch the program mentoring of the small scale surface mining industry.

ASPASA director Nico Pienaar explains that the association recently registered with ECSA and also plans to help young professionals register with ECSA. The association will drive the learning and development of mentees and mentors.

“We will host online meetings between talented professionals, providing accessibility and opportunities regardless of location, encouraging participants to share and learn. Through a comprehensive matching process, this program supports professionals in career guidance and direction by sharing experiences, developing career goals, and fostering mentoring relationships beyond the duration of the program. .

“It is open to men and women living and working in South Africa and expressions of interest are now open. Mentees can expect to receive career advice and support from an industry leader for their professional growth as well as the expansion of their industry networks. They will learn and be supported by a mentor invested in their career.

“Mentors, by comparison, can give back to the industry that supported them. By doing so, they will be recognized as subject matter experts and leaders. They will be exposed to new perspectives, ideas and approaches, as well as broadening their own leadership and coaching style,” says Nico.

He adds that those eligible for the mentee program must have a strong interest in developing their career, currently working in the surface mining industry and must be officially resident in South Africa.

Mentors must have worked 10+ years in the surface mining industry, have a desire to support the career growth of the next generation of mining professionals, and must currently be working in the surface mining industry or have recently retired.


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