Revision of biomentors to make room for better trained healthcare professionals


Recently, Biomentors, an online coaching institute for NEET medical entrance exams, held an event for selected students who chose the platform to train for medical entrance exams and honored them with distinctive prices. The event took place on April 16, 2022 and was held at the Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Biomentors Online Courses held the “2022 Congratulations Ceremony” and honored many guests who attended the event. The event saw many distinguished guests grace the occasion with their august presence who presented the scholarship to many deserving students alongside Dr. Geetendra Singh, Founder and CEO of Biomentors Online.

The main guests were: Dr. Neelkamal Kapoor, Professor and HOD (Pathology) at AIIMS Bhopal; Dr. KD Mishra, retired professor and zoologist at SSL Jain College Vidisha; Dr. Pankaj Manoria, Senior Cardiologist at Manoria Bhopal Cardiac Hospital, and Bharti Singh, Additional Income Tax Commissioner, Mumbai. The total number of guests from all over India who marked their attendance at the event was over 250. Hundreds of students won the Achiever’s Award for their hard work and dedication. The fees even announced scholarships worth one crore for the next batches of MBBS studies.

“Many students who want to become healthcare professionals don’t always get the facilities they need to pursue their careers. Especially in the ongoing pandemic, people have felt more dormant regarding their passion. At Biomentors Classes, we ensure that registered students can have the opportunity to represent themselves in competitions. We encourage students to foster online learning and succeed in their future careers without wasting money on coaching and institutes. We have a head start in the education sector and invite students to take charge of their future endeavours,” said Biomentors Founder Dr. Geetendra Singh. He added that the digital learning institute also offers necessary study materials to its registered users and supports disadvantaged learners with financial assistance.

The Covid-19 outbreak has challenged many aspiring medical students to pursue their dreams of becoming medical professionals. The crisis was prolonged as governments around the world imposed containment measures for the inspection of people infected with viruses. Every aspiring medical student was suffering from depressive traits after the closure of several colleges, institutes and organizations. Meanwhile, students have chosen a new way of learning and educating themselves – online courses and this has spawned several ed-tech platforms and among them Biomentors online classes have emerged as the l one of the most innovative and credible options for medical education. Entrance exams.

Biomentors is a unique initiative that values ​​student individuality and believes in bringing people closer to their purpose. In today’s contemporary society, success is synonymous with life. Platforms like Biomentors encourage anyone who dreams of succeeding in the medical community to prepare for healthcare professional entrance exams like NEET.

Online education has established itself as an essential part of the culture of education since the world began to believe in a digital-powered future. Biomentors are committed to providing their students with the best quality study materials and lectures that students can take at their convenience.

The need to improve the sustainability of health care and improve the quality of education for many is his motto. Entrepreneur and founder of Biomentors, Dr. Geetendra Singh works to improve the country’s healthcare system by mentoring future doctors and helping them qualify for the NEET exams. Biomentors provide entry-level medical coaching at minimal cost and, through the influence of technology, make education more economical and resourceful. They collaborated with the latest research with a seamless teaching methodology to inspire students to take control of their classroom adventure. The platform also nurtures their students in a way that will enable them to achieve the future they envision and that is why in a short time it has positioned itself as a game changer in the field of online learning and counseling.

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